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This is really one of my favorite stories available on the internet. Kama Sastry is an outstanding writer and this is simply superb. 

– Soumya (manasutho@gmail.com)

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Mana gabbu pattina politics loki oka srungara tara… you might be checking her musings day in and day out … mostly on chiru. anyways, what the heck who cares what the fuck she does… I just hate her. 

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A Fake BF: http://i69.in/celebrity/rojas-blue-film-on-web.php











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Enjoy this beautiful story about a friend’s hot sacrifice ….

btw, Here is another hot german aunty who is celebrating her birthday today…Thanks for sending the comments… good ones and bad ones… I really love them…Please keep sending…



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Do you know its Brittney’s birthday today. Halo people, I am not talking about our Spears, I am talking about this one.. Check who this is ??? Dont you think she is damn hot…

Hey, btw, Its her Birthday today (5th). Why dont you wish her? 












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We all witnessed a great day today… Yes, I am talking about Mr. Obama, First black American who is President-Elect for the United States of America. I am a huge fan of Barrack and got inspired with his speeches. 

Hope this will change what we are going through… the Economic Crisis ppl. 

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This is a very close resemblance to a real story I heard from my best friend Vijay. 

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Soumya (manasutho@gmail.com)

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